Lights and Power

Lights is something you will need to think about and there is simple ways to ready yourselves for the collapse coming.I would suggest two methods to be prepared and leave it up to you to decide which one suits you best.Option one you install a simple solar power system.You will need an inverter and a Solar panel(s) and a Battery the battery and inverter are things you would need for ether way you go the other option from a solar panel is Wind Turbine but you need to see how much Wind is in your area.Do not think big if your budget is small think simple for example a 2KW inverter is about $200.00 dollars with a 230 Watt panel about $360.00 and 2 12 volt 55 Ahr batteries are about $226.00 comes to about $800.00 and would provide you with sustainable power a wind turbine could be made for less than a hundred dollars and you can use smaller batteries and the inverter could be smaller. Home Depot has kits you can purchase for less than $300.00 dollars.Shop around and make choices you might be surprised at the deals around.


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