Preparation Guide

This is a guide to get ready for things to come.I will break it down in to sections of importance to  you the ones who I am hoping to save.The one the thing I can say is knowledge is power.So let us start with the most important to the least.I have a list that is based on this.

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. First-aid, Medicine
  4. Lights, Power
  5. Information access
  6. Communication
  7. Transportation

This is by no means a complete list of things but things that you should have on hand in your house,dwelling.These are the things that would make life much easier as events unfold in these time to come.I will list some the things that are planned for the world population and 99.9999% of us not in any order of importance.

  • The right to have money of any kind other than electronic currency as then they will be able to stop it at will.
  • Information that they do not dictate to us only what they want us to see and or hear.
  • Free speech as that would inform people to others of what is going on.
  • The right to decide what we can do as humans.
  • Our belief in God and Jesus would not be allowed as they only worship the devil or what ever they decide and can not be for them to have what they want.

The things listed here are not a complete list but it brings us to know that the things they want are not the things we want or know are right.


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