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You can not be conscious without a soul…just saying

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Build directions

Under the construction section you will see detailed build directions for the transformer that can run from 1 mA at 12 volts for a 120 high current LED’s to 100 mA at full brightness  so let me know how it goes and I will do a video soon.

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Stored Magnetic Potential

I have recently successfully operated 200 elements of COB LEDs at full luminance. The process involves the stored  magnetic potential of the core where the amount of gauss equals the value of induced voltage retrieved from the core. Think of it this way, I charge a ferrite core to it’s full potential then when I release the applied electromagnetic charge the current that was applied to it no longer exist so any load set to operate in the direction of flow will light “Roughly  twenty-five in parallel with the number of LED’s in series set by the coil they are attached” .  That would be at the coil’s maximum and should not be design criteria. I have found that 48 element X 6 – 10 in series is at about the maximum  or two  24 element units in parallel X 8 would be  or 24 inch long light at 12 volts at 0.075 Amp. or 0.9 watt supply now you could work it to supply  48 inches of lighting for the same power but not having that many lights I could not say for sure. The previous post there are pictures that show the current configuration.

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The little transistor that could

The above is few photos of my newest incantation of the light driver. The top left is the coil #24 ga wire on both sides bifilar wound with a 20 ga wire bifilar wound on sides of the ferite  hooked up in an x configuration all being driven by a ne555 running at 220K herz with the output run through a 330 ohm resistor to a 2n3906 transistor. 12 watt load driven at .075 Amp @ 12 VDC 0r less than 0.9 watt ( from a 0.6 watt componet).

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Fun with steel BB’s

I was thinking last night and thought if you were to take torrid bifiar wound with an arduino set to pulse them in series or adjustable square wave oscillator  with an adjustment hooked to a decade counter where you feed a nylon tube through the the middle of the torrid by sequentially pulsing the torrid you can create a magnetic wave the BB’s would travel down. You would not need great amounts of power to make this happen. The result would be a non-firearm type of weapon that could achieve a thousand rounds a minute or greater were it is not the size of the projectile but the shear volume although greater sized bolts could be used with a greater power driving the torrid coil. the impact for gun manufacturers would make ammo  a thing of the past. Imagine one hundred one inch nails coming at you at one time ( less than fifteen seconds ). The weight of the projectile plus the speed would be devastating to say the least.

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High power lighting for low power

The new driver is for very high output and a low input 10 – 30 mA @ 10 volts.0.1 – 0.3 watts input and 2 -10 watt load but it does use the new coil now with that said it can also be set to ultra low power at 20 – 50 uA @ 2.5 volts or 0.000124 watts and around 75 lumen’s output. The output with 35 3 mm  LEDs is about 800 – 1500 lumen’s so bright that you can not look directly at them.  The result would save 95 % of over 400 billion watts used today

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that in 2015, about 404 billion kilowatthours (kWh) of electricity were used for lighting by the residential sector and the commercial sector in the United States. This was about 15% of the total electricity consumed by both of these sectors and about 10% of total U.S. electricity consumption.

according to the site with a savings of 394 billion watts or 10% of the total power used in the U.S.

Just saying guys


but there are changes I will get to.

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Real Problems

death machines

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