NOTICE TO MY READERS: I have been ill for a few weeks and am sorry about that but I will try to place more post in the future. Anyone can link or use any part of my work as long as they keep the author’s name :”Dean A. Plude” on the document or “xenophed” as It is associated with said name. Also in the near future I will be migrating to a new server under the name xenophed.org and launch a new product line to help cover cost of this operation. If anyone wishes to contribute articles to this site in the spirit of the content on this site feel free to contact me at xenophed@gmail.com. I will reply to you as soon as I can and discuss an author’s account but I will review all entries before they can be published. The context of information that is presented on this site is of my own and any posts will have their own respected copyrights attached to them. I hope this clears up any questions you have and as always may God and Jesus guide you in your journey of life.


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