What God has to offer

The things that God offers cost nothing to us but faith, The unknown belief that there is more then this. This thing we call our reality, our world,or our lives however you chose to look at things.It is not a hard choice really. What is so hard about believing what you can not see. You do not see air but we all know that it is real.We can not see thoughts of others but we know they have them just as me or you do. So my question is simple really why not have faith in God.Yo think that he is not real is to be ignorant of your inner self.That thing that tells you what is right for you. That inner voice.Everyone has it, but sadly some chose not to listen to it.

I would say that life has a lot more to offer those who chose to believe in God then not for those who believe have hope if nothing else.Hope can give someone the power to over come great adversities in their journey  of their life that others just chose to give up on. The power to know there is a bigger plan then most would know.That we are destine to bigger event then the other side would lead us to believe,

Be not fooled you are on one side or the other and by saying you are on none you have chosen a side or to say that you believe in God but follow not what he wants you to is just as bad and on the same side.The side we chose is important for your life as it will decide what happens to you in the end. For wither you chose God or the  Devil or none of the above (same as the devil) you will face that choice in the end.Make no mistake you are on one side or the other.

They say that peace is a function of true love for all. That is the truth for to be color blind and not hear bad things and not to judge others and care not what they think is the very thing that will make us all God’s children  in the end where peace is all that abounds and love is all we know.We can have this on Earth as well as the heavens and all it takes is love. Peace is what would come as evil will thrive on destruction and misery we must chose to stave out evil with the light and kindness that God tells us to show.

So brothers and sisters let us all pray that God will bless us and show mercy and compaction to all as well as forgiveness to us as we are not perfect.Let him know that we truly try to have only love in our hearts as well as compaction to others.That we do take his offer of redemption to see him in the kingdom of heaven and on Earth as he chooses.To guide us in times of trouble and look over us in times of need.

In the name of his loving son Jesus Christ Amen.


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