From bottom to top we start with the flyback transformer remove the ferrite from the middle then put them together with a little electrical tape the wind are output coils with 18 feet of  30 ga. magnet wire from the yoke the flyback came out of all on one end clockwise see pictures 9 – 11 then we wind the driver coils counter clockwise on the other end of the coil with 9 feet of 20 –  24 gauge  magnet wire on the same side see 12 -14 we will have 8 30 ga wires and 8 20-24 gauge wires  on each side we scrape the enamel on the ends of all 16 wires the separating them by size we take a meter and find the coil two for each set  we take the output of one coil and hook it up to the input of the other so instead of 8 30 gauge wires we have 4 wires do the same for the driver coils so we have 8 wires all together. Grom there we hook it up to the following driver circuit


without the Earth ground the driver coil can be hooked up in series or in an X configuration where the ringing is more profound.



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