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This site is a repository for my ramblings and is solely generated by myself.The content will vary and change from time to time as I see fit.I have been shot stabbed run over poisoned and beat up and left for dead.If life has taught me one thing is that you must live every moment as it was your last.Thank the good Lord Jesus Christ for every moment that you are here and love all even your enemies.For to have true peace is the greatest gift you will ever receive.I am a simple man born in Michigan but moved to God’s country when I realized were I was at.I landed in Louisiana then moved to Mississippi as a child were I was filled with the wonders of nature that fill my mind with everything pure in this world. The troll thing comes from old age and I often ponder how old I really am as the picture is about a troll sitting pondering his age.
I often wonder if this is hell we are in or heaven for us to shape to our perfection.Remember that all things we come to know are of the body not the soul but without the soul there can be no body.All we sense is of the body sight touch sounds smells hearing for the spirit may contain knowledge all other are of the body.Faith is what we are taught and is the basis for all we understand of God and Jesus Christ. You will learn as you read my stories that I know God and Jesus Christ are real as you and me.
I lost my mind once so I made a new one but being of limited mental resources all I could build was one neuron so I filled the rest with saw dust and newspaper.The only bad part is the crackling I constantly hear when I turn my head hear all of the time.And then there is the occasional smoke that comes out of my ears.It can be quite distracting not for me as I am used to it but others trying to put out the fire.In fact that is what drove me to build this web site.Some of this will make sense some will not until you think on it for a while. As for the Xenophed thing it is German and means “Stranger hostile to others who wish harm”.
When I am not pondering my age I have eight grandchildren that keep me busy along with web programing and helping others that I meet along the way of life.It is often said that “The stranger you meet could very well be the good lord or an angel sent to see how you really are” that is not the reason though…I do it because I have been the stranger broke homeless with only God and the good lord(Jesus) to guide me and he has many times in the past like the time I prayed to him for someone to be with and he showed me a face of an angel that I would marry.When lost I asked for guidance he pointed me in a direction that I would have never known without him so if you ask me GOD and Jesus are as real as life water air or the dirt we walk on.I was blessed with three wonderful children and eight grand children who are all very special to me if no one else. I have also been blessed with the gift of knowing and my time on this earth is limited so I try to make everything I do count not for me but others it may be a whisper or a small kind act or the last bit of change I have or just lending a helping hand to friends or future friends but what I would really like everyone to know is although I may never know your name or face let me say that I have no hatred and only love for you.
There are two ways to look at anything “What can I take from you” or “What can I give to you or help you with” I always chose to give and help for it gives me the best feeling in life. It is part of my big picture as I perceive it and I do not expect you to “Get It”. I ask nothing of you just that you leave me out of your sick and twisted games.Remember that your insight is always your best guide and kindness and love are the direction to look for.
Greed is the evil that consumes most and humbleness is the gold in our hearts to give without reward,To love without any expectations are rewards because the biggest reward is yet to come.A mansion that no man can tear down for it was built by the good lord and is indestructible.So for all the evil greedy people remember that we (all God-fearing people )will win in the end.
Xenophed A.K.A. The Sad Troll Lives On

This is what happens when you are in the sun too much


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