The other side of life

We as humans tend to get caught up in trivial matters in life. Things that usually go unnoticed get everyone’s attention like say a name or picture or statue. The fact that is survived one hundred years means nothing or that it is an inanimate object, but that a small number of a population does not like it for it is at that point that it does have value but before it was neutral so to speak.  I find people who are against things I believe in to be offensive does that mean I get to tear them down and destroy them. Would that make me a better person or would that make things play out as they would have it.  I have said many times that I will never stoop to that level or be drug down to those things BUT WE CAN FIGHT BACK by doing all the things they do not like. A flag does not make the person but the implication of having it does make it known to others that you believe or at least understand why it was. The statues are what makes people famous but what they did. Our Father in the heavens destroyed whole towns and nations and maybe that is why they hate or fear God who knows. To believe some there or not there makes a difference matters not for we all must see past it to the true way to go. A way that see’s God’s path for all of us where peace and understanding guide us to the correct choice which is love for all … even the ones who believe that a symbol have hate or love or for that matter any power at all.

With Love to All


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1 Response to The other side of life

  1. xenophed says:

    For the love of God people see past all of this

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