Hacking life

If you search USPTO for “cybernetic” you will get 483 patents from the year 1975 to present and that is just cybernetics or if you goto DARPA  where they have found how to integrate Biological sensors into quantum devices as well as swarm technology just to name a few as well as hacking nature see Discovery ChannelUniversity of Oxford,  MIT  just for a small sample of the sickness that prevails  in our society. There are many more avenues they have chosen to pursue such as Lasers at DARPA or Human Clones well they say they can do it but we know that it with all probabilities has or hacking humans to achieve greater strength and powers so to speak.

When you put the two together you get terminator running around that look and act human  with lasers or whatever such as Magnetic pulse gun. Such things would not able to be stopped by most people in the world. Let us picture a swarm of whatever the flavor of the day is where they simply send a group of death machines into a town, game over.

We never know what they are up to but you can believe it twenty years past where we think they are not to mention the complete disregard of all I (we ) hold dear to our hearts.

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