Wash Rinse, Repeat

If some people cronical the history of our World, notice I said our World as it belongs to everyone who walks on it not just a few.

If just one or two make all the choices for all of us, then we are not free.

If the men with the biggest guns tell us what to do, we have not learned anything.

If our love for others is not enough to point us in the right direction, then we do not have compassionate souls.

If the songs that ring so true are not a guide  to lift us up,then  we are ignorant of our souls.

If  we never learn from the suffering throughout history, then we are condemed to repeat it.

If in the end it is as simple as saying we have had enough, then we would have learned from all of  the events that brought us here.

If we just realize that there are in fact almost eight billon people on this World controlled by less than one thousand, we would learn to change it.

If we get rid of evil, then we would truly have peace. 

If we just listened to Our Father in the Heavens, then we would have paradise on our World forever and ever.


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