Our Moral Compass

When a person hungers an idea so badly that the pain is felt into their bones,it is at that point they know what suffering truly is. When you can see the completed project in their head, the nuances, the very detailed operation of it. It is at that part probably half or more are either ignored or stolen. This is not doing any justice or helping the World in any way but it  is the way our society works as unfair as that may be but as a race we chug along and our minds keep working. If life were as simple as they would lead us to believe if you come up with the newest mouse trap or any idea that makes the World a better place then we would have conquered most problems years ago. The very way of the World is that the rich get rich and the poor get poorer but do not think that is how Our Father in the Heavens intended it to be for in his eyes we are all the same. I come from a long line of great thinkers and inventors some got recondition but some did not but a lot of todays best ideas are but spins on there work or direct theft of them. This does not make it right but they have no consequence for their moral compass for it points in obscure directions not in the way Our Good Lord points the good people of this World but maybe on some other World it is right.

The simple fact is that we need to guide ourselves in a direction that mirrors what God intends for us to go for “He forces no one to do anything” but simply relies on our soul’s free will choice to guide us in the proper direction. For of all the gifts he bestowed on us the greatest of all is free will. The right to make our own choice in life wither it be in a direction we need to go or not but the whole time already known to him what the outcome would be. The real question that should keep us up at night is very simple in that it is “What is Paradise”. What would be the perfect life be like ? I know that for every person this would be different and the same at the same time. We would lose the constraints of governance and listen to the Good Lord on that for his ten simple rules are all we truly need to create peace and not some dictator or leader to tell us. The World is full of old and wise people that know already what is right and wrong without some army or police force to tell us.

Where the fail comes in is when evil uses the very thing  we use to guide us to force us. When leaders tell us to submit or die or even when it forces us to accept what our moral compass knows to be wrong. When Our Father in the Heavens tells us that something is an abomination we should rethink those things not accept them.  For it is our very free will that should dictate our moral compass should point. So the sooner we get right with the big man the sooner we will have peace and paradise on Earth with our Father in the Heavens keeping a close watch on us.

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