Stored Magnetic Potential

I have recently successfully operated 200 elements of COB LEDs at full luminance. The process involves the stored  magnetic potential of the core where the amount of gauss equals the value of induced voltage retrieved from the core. Think of it this way, I charge a ferrite core to it’s full potential then when I release the applied electromagnetic charge the current that was applied to it no longer exist so any load set to operate in the direction of flow will light “Roughly  twenty-five in parallel with the number of LED’s in series set by the coil they are attached” .  That would be at the coil’s maximum and should not be design criteria. I have found that 48 element X 6 – 10 in series is at about the maximum  or two  24 element units in parallel X 8 would be  or 24 inch long light at 12 volts at 0.075 Amp. or 0.9 watt supply now you could work it to supply  48 inches of lighting for the same power but not having that many lights I could not say for sure. The previous post there are pictures that show the current configuration.

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