Fun with steel BB’s

I was thinking last night and thought if you were to take torrid bifiar wound with an arduino set to pulse them in series or adjustable square wave oscillator  with an adjustment hooked to a decade counter where you feed a nylon tube through the the middle of the torrid by sequentially pulsing the torrid you can create a magnetic wave the BB’s would travel down. You would not need great amounts of power to make this happen. The result would be a non-firearm type of weapon that could achieve a thousand rounds a minute or greater were it is not the size of the projectile but the shear volume although greater sized bolts could be used with a greater power driving the torrid coil. the impact for gun manufacturers would make ammo  a thing of the past. Imagine one hundred one inch nails coming at you at one time ( less than fifteen seconds ). The weight of the projectile plus the speed would be devastating to say the least.

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