WW3 the new war

In this time we are witness to the new war where no bullets are shot or solders are used but a different kind where science and technology are used. This war involves weather and control of it. There is a reason for the fact we have not had a land falling hurricane in ten years, to put simply the ones in control of the weather did not want this but as with any new forms of control others wanted it too. Everyone knew it would only be a matter of time and what is transpiring now will show what the future holds. Why waste material goods fighting someone when all you have to do is cause devastation to them with an invisible weapon of weather. Pay attention to unfolding events and you will see the results of the new war where devastation from it will happen. Russia Orders Ships Away From American Waters, Warns “Storm Of Century”  and their basis for this is the following The Effects of Space Weather on Hurricane Activity   or you watch this video

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