Paradise on Earth

I being a person of this planet on the World we inhabit in an unremarkable solar system dwelling in a spiral galaxy have but a few notes I would like to pass along to everyone. The first of which is we are all humans above and beyond all else for there is no person better than the other, not through luck or provenance or chance, we are the same a body with a soul from  our Father in the Heavens. No person is entitled to any more than the other for we are equal in his eyes and different at the same time. There is no mystery in the universe we can not overcome given time for the combined power of all is far greater than the single or limited minds of a few. When love and compassion is the rule not hate and evil the way of the World would change, our priorities  would change. We would most probably choose to follow paths that turn our planet into paradise not a ruined heap as we are heading now. There have been people who were able to survive with just what this planet provides and flourisher while they were doing it. They would make derisions not in days or years but generations as we should do now for it at that point we will realize that there is no problem that hard to overcome but with a little faith and time. If we reach a point in this planets life without blowing it out of existents we should call ourselves lucky and be great full for that and fall to our knees and that GOD for that chance. Everything we say we need is not needed but for a little food to keep us alive all else is but padding for our lives and gets us no where.

So I say in closing we need to reset our goals from failed governments and laws to nature and it’s laws for it holds the last card not us.

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