Tilting the scales

In life there are many things we all look to for guidance and hope but a lot are false or at best incorrect. It is not that all of us do not try but more that others try to deceive us or mislead us. They have no more reason than to cause chaos and disorder. It is what they do for living so too speak for this existence we are in or our reality is all we know but our vision is not their  vision and their vision means that we are but in their way. I choose to live and speak as a free man and even in the worst dictatorship in the world we all have that free will choice to even if it is death to do so. The one causing all of this will most times play both sides knowing they really do not care who wins for they have control of all involved in the process so it matters not the outcome, however there is a very few times when they can not control someone that it worries them to no end. Take the current election taking place in the United States for president the powers that be know they have no control over Donald Trump and it bothers them to the point that they are losing sleep and pouring billions of dollars to stop him from winning where he may do this or that one thing they know it will not be what they want but what he wants. The truth be known he would be more for the little people than any other for when you put more money in business and peoples hands they would grow the world and this country and the very notion that take from john and give to doe would do any more. The fact is that one person is paid for and owned by the ones in charge and the other could care less and the one paid for is the one who wants to take from john and the other guy want to take less. I could go on for hours but I will not but I will say the fact is you can not control some of us no matter who is in charge of this county or the world for we only answer to Our Father in the Heavens and no one else.

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