The injustice system of energy

Can someone please explain to me why you can not have greater output than input because things I have done show me differently than that. When a circuit produces a reverse current flow what is it doing ? Is it broken or designed poorly or defective components or magic scratch the last one. How about the random waves floating around the Earth ? Well forget all of that I have a circuit that with a digital meter that will read to .1 uA and I have a circuit that shows 0 on that meter what is running the LED’s at that point ? test equipment hooked to any part other than  the current draw causes the current to increase and at that point you can not get an accurate reading or wave form. So on to answer some questions.

1.Q. Well then I have the coil wound incorrectly. I followed your directions above, using 26 gauge(but coated telephone wire) for the inside coil and 22 gauge magnet wire for the trigger coil. If I disconnect the trigger coil, the lights still light and draw 10ma, also if I remove the 4700uf cap, everything still works good with a 10ma current draw. Removing the lights I have a 8ma draw.

A. the coil should be wound with 20 – 24 gauge magnet wire as you see the wire size does matter and the type  I have found that there needs to be a certain  DC resistance to the coil and it can only be a single layer for it to work right. Also it must bifilar wound  for it to work. The output needs to be  the same or smaller grade of wire but the turns should be around  1: 1 or greater more turns equals more led voltage . This is what causes high current draw.

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