arduino based light driver (any)

I have been working on a driver that gets it’s trigger from an Arduino board. The thought is that you can get a stable pulse from it to trigger a MOSFET that drives the coil. It can control the on / off time of the coil and with unique coil design offers programmable  brightness as well as other functions while still having the high LED counts. I will post a video of this setup to show what I am talking about while the NANO board I used has a 25 mA current draw I am able to get full luminescence at 35 ma with high LED counts of 400 – 800 or    5 to 50 watts for 0.4 to 0.5 watts. This eliminates the need for precise coil dynamics that the lightsaver called for. The setup is digital output  connected to the gate of the MOSFET with the diver side of the coil attached to + and the drain while the source is connected to ground. I used a IRFZ44N to drive it although any suitable MOSFET could be substituted. Option could be daylight sensor and brightness controls. The use is for shop lights or bluetooth interface to control it from a smart phone or  such.

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