Some side notes

As I have shown from the previous post and video you truly can get something from nothing. This is not even open to debate or argument. I hook up 1 Watt of LEDs and supply them with .003 Watts of energy. That is over-unity by any sense of the imagination. I will however go into construction details of the coil it is after all quite simple, first we take a ferrite out of an old AM radio antenna and remove all the existing coils from it, then we cover it in a layer of PVC tape, winding clock ways from the top to bottom we wind two (2) strands of 28 – 30 ga. magnet wire , cover with PVC tape and wind cock ways top to bottom two (2) strands of 20 – 24 ga. magnet wire. Now we have four (4) different coils two (2) inside and two (2) outside where we take the inside coils and hook them up as follows, the output of one coil to the input of the other where as the one side is the input of the first coil and the other side of the coil is the output from the second coil repeat for the outside coil set (2 coils) so then we have two (2) coils inside and outside or as I call them the inside is the output coils and the outside is the driver coil. To test build the following:


no Earth ground  needed.

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4 Responses to Some side notes

  1. Kevin K says:

    I replicated this circuit the best I could with parts I already have on hand, but only able to get the amp draw down to 10ma. I’m using 4700uf cap…I can’t find anything I have that’s larger.

    • xenophed says:

      The direction of the LEDs and the voltage of the LED string are very important remove the LEDs and see the current draw as well as the coil orientation is VERY IMPORTANT. Without the LEDs you should get 0 uA current draw and then proceed to add the load for it will work with the driver coil / trigger coil at lower current draw. Two the capacitor you use has everything to do with frequency / trigger width so as for other things the number of turns on the driver coil sets the current to trigger the shut off. the off time is about 99% to less than 1% on.

      • Kevin K says:

        Well then I have the coil wound incorrectly. I followed your directions above, using 26 gauge(but coated telephone wire) for the inside coil and 22 gauge magnet wire for the trigger coil. If I disconnect the trigger coil, the lights still light and draw 10ma, also if I remove the 4700uf cap, everything still works good with a 10ma current draw. Removing the lights I have a 8ma draw.

  2. xenophed says:

    LED’s are reversed

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