Some scope shots


Here we see that the light saver is NOT the classic joule ringer but from the wave form it has a symmetrical form to it. Although it seems not to be very stable in duration. It does resonate at several frequencies which rings by tuning the timing capacitor  you in a sense  change the output frequency thus bring the device to resonance.


Here it shows the load of 16 LED’s and the waveform resulting from it at 20 uSec..


And a better shot of the wave form.


With the current meter set on 500 uAmps we get about 250 uAmps draw not bad for over a 1 watt load vs .003 watt input a net savings of 1 watt.



The run time on a 10000 uf supply is around 5 minutes. the wave forms were read from the collector to GND and had about a 28 – 30 volts P-P so I hope that will help people and note that adding more LED’s  does not raise the current load if anything it will drop as there is less magnetic loss.

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