New equipment

I just got some new equipment and parts so I have been revising some of the older circuts. As I suspected the LightSaver circuits are a ringger type and the M.I.S.T. has still to be tested but with a scope  and Arduino uno I can see that when you get both driver coils at resonance it clearly turns overunity in operation. Example I put 12.0 volts in at 80 – 100 mA. and with a 2.2 ohm load get 1.63 volts at .74 Amps or a 100% watage conversion factor or 1:1 or greater because when you tun the frrequency properly the current drops so I WILL BE POSTING WAVEFORMS to show what I am talking about and as a side note 124Khz is one of the magic numbers where your coil setup should naturaly ring at.

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