With love

If there is one thing everyone knows for sure is that we do not know everything. To say that we do is to be ignorant of the World we live in. I know from my life that good and bad befall all of us, it is after all “just life”.  My question is simple “why”, why must things play out a certain way or why must something come to play. I found that no matter how hard things are it will never be more than we choose to accept.

My grandson for all intents and purposes chooses to be evil and yet his sister chooses to only do good and be good, so does that mean it balanced out in the end or did their soul’s free choice decide that. You may choose to believe  anything you wish but as for me I will choose to go with everybody makes decisions that affect their lives no matter who they blame. The blame however is their’s alone, no one else’s.

I bring all this up for good reasons in that although things do not play out the way I would like them to or things go the way I would like I never give up, never. There are things coming to play this year that will change the way everyone looks at the world. The World as we know it will never be the same, bad at first ,then good after. These things need to happen for the World to move past this broken thing we have. I have made good progress in my endeavors and will keep working on them but I would be derelict if I did not warn everyone of the oncoming fail of things as they are.

You must prepare for the complete collapse of the World’s society and system of corruption. Store some supplies and have a plan for a World without the rule of law. We seen Europe how the “immigrants” that were sent to them took over, the rape gangs, looting, the give me  mentality. It is all planned from the start and the one’s planning this openly take their orders from the “devil” or however you see that entity ( it does not matter what you call him )  and I know he would rather destroy the World than see us and Our father in the Heavens save it. It is just a fact that we must learn to live with.

This comes from The Salvation Of The World“The Essene Humane Gospel of Christ”

     “For ye shall hear of great wars and also much talk of war and many will be threatened with destruction, but be ye not troubled, for many things must come to pass yet before the end of all evil things … And in those days, the last before the Great Rest. Those that have power, shall gather to themselves in greed, the lands and the riches of the earth, for their own lusts, and thus shall oppress the greater number who have not.
    “For in those days, the many shall be held in bondage. but yet not in prison, and they shall be used to increase the riches of the greedy. Yea, even the innocent beasts of the field shall be greatly oppressed, for every cruelty and lust shall be worked against my innocent brothers and sisters of the great Household of God; for many shall lust after the taste of flesh, and blood shall flow freely as high as the bridle of the horse!
    “In that time of trouble, no creature of God, nay, man nor beast shall escape the cruel judgment of that wicked generation, save mine holy elect under the charge of mine holy angels. For I say unto ye this day, that a strange saviour shall rule the minds of many, and that generation shall believe not in the evil of the world, but shall judge all evil, good, and all good, evil.

You must understand that that was written 2000 years ago about when Jesus walked the Earth and if you do not see today in that then you truly are lost.



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