My latest results

I have been working hard and have a new shop (warmer). I received half of my order and found that the COB LED’s were a bust but the 5 volt solar cells were a win by taking 5 mm  LED’s and covering the cells I am able to get 100% of the rated output at 5.5 volts no load 45 mA current short test.  The light driver takes 25 mA  @ 4.25 – 5.5 volts to operate  thus when ever they fell like sending the rest of my parts ( 5 mm LEDs ) I will show the light  and how to make them. It is not that hard but it is one of those things that is easier if you see it. The problem with the COB LEDs is the elements themselves are not the same as the single LEDs  when constructed properly have greater lumen’s per square meter than the other.

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  1. xenophed says:

    Please feel free to comment on this post as I will answer all questions as they are posted

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