pretest on xenopowercell

With 3 volt 30 mA  solar cells (2 each) and 10 watt COB LED 10PCS-LOT-10W-LED-Integrated-High-power-LED-chip-White-Warm-white-900mA-9-0-12.jpg_50x50over the top  of each cell I was able to generate 6.7 volts @ 24 mA . Now for the driver setup to use 10 – 15 mA power draw to power through a 10000 uf capacitor for the supply to generate  the needed luminance for the light as I will use the same COB LED to use as an output, then the video demonstration to prove it works for Xmas day so stay tuned for a present for the World that will stop global warming in it’s tracks. The uses are limitless as oil will be a thing of the past and therefore worthless.

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