No matter

No matter how much things try to stop me I never give up in life. It is that driving force that keeps me going. I am however happy to say that the new parts will be in around Xmas or so and will build the first prototype unit and subsequence video to prove the point that I am making that if you can drive a LED with less than 1 mA  you can drive it forever. There will be no battery or tricks just simple math and science forging the path. In previous videos I have shown driving large numbers of LED’s with 2 mA so  the lights I chose is 48 LED elements in a unit that is close the the same size as the solar cell rated at 5 volts X 40 mA. We only have to get  5% performance out of the cell to drive the light and in my previous experiments I was able to get 70 – 90 % out. I have chosen to use 10000 uf 25 volt electrolytic capacitors as the storage medium. I have shown that uo can run the lights for 5 minutes off that so that is where we are at and as a side note other people can replicate the device.

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