While I was away

I did not let my recent duties with my daughter slow down my work as I was able to light 55, 5 mm  ultra-bright LED’s  to 95 % luminance. The current draw was 20 – 70 uA at 4.2 – 5.1 volts from a solar cell illuminated by said LED’s. they ran for 3 days before one of the grandchildren shorted out the circuit. I have sense ordered matching LED / Solar Cell pairs. The coil is the easiest so far wound dual strands #24 enamel magnet wire from one end to the other clockwise and dual strands #24 PVC  coated from one end to the other clockwise. For the moment I will leave the circuit details out until I have conformation from others  as this would mean a never ending light source that I will allow the World to produce for private and humanitarian uses. Non commercial production will not be allowed with out prior written consent by me Dean A Plude A.K.A. Xenophed and everyone will note that all information is copyrighted with this same intent in mind. So stay tuned for more

P.S. Where I was at they barely have power poles much less Internet.

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One Response to While I was away

  1. xenophed says:

    Please feel free to comment on this or my daughter’s condition as my absence was as hard on me as you guy’s

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