kWatts per square meter

In the design of this power cell it is important to achieve kWatts per square meter and that would be 10 KW. this can be achieved using LED lamps which at the proper setup can give 25 KW 1.5 X  more than what is required by solar cells so say if a solar cell said @ 1000 Watts per meter squared with 25000 Watts per square meter you will see 200 % of the cell output however the LED would only be on 50% of the time so it works out to 100% rated output.
5.5W 56led COB LED Chip 450mA would be 250 watts per square meter but that is the direct supply of power to the LED’s not what I supply  which is 10% of that or about 25 Watts per square meter there for we  have a fluke in lighting

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