One step

As I walk through life I take steps as we all do and will do so until my death as we all will. If I stumble I know that the Good Lord will be there to pick me up and help or even carry me. It is not that I am preaching but simply telling the truth as I see it. The ones who think this life is all there is are the ones truly lost for they are right, but in the same sentence so am  I for if you do not believe in Our Father in the Heavens this is all you have and there will be no one to help you when you fall. Round here where I live I know that the hand I need is there and my love for what is good is inside me for all I want is to leave the world a better place and I will so help me God for I choose to do so with his help. I will never give up or give in.


The flashlight is still going after two months !!!!

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