The simple truth

When a couple of years ago when I started my quest to develop the XenoPowerCell   I had a couple of criteria for it’s development in that it needed to be done with just a multimeter and common parts that are easily found around the world. The second is what it does in that first it is a light, and second excess power obtained for other uses. The device I will be releasing to the public meets both of those criteria and can be constructed for many uses too numerous to list. It will likely be taken as a good and bad thing at the same time where as good that we end the carbon pollution debate and bad that the workforce will be rewritten.  I see a future where people not corporations control the direction we go, where you get payed from utilities not charged, where you do for family and friends first. A place we all work to make a paradise for all, where government is a thing of the past where we look at problems in generations not months or weeks, days. Where our moral compass will decide if something is acceptable not some person or group who has a devolution as to what is right. The simple fact is we must move past ” I have more so I win or You are less in society than me”.  It will happen and that is a fact, The choice we must make will it be controlled by good or evil. Just my thoughts on what is to come in the near future so if you have been waiting for better  hold out hope and if you like destruction and evil I feel sorry for you.



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