New coil better results

Yesterday I wound a new coil that gave much better results. I used a toroid out of a 200 Watt computer power supply and it had a beauty of one at least 36mm across and 15mm thick so it will be able to hold enough of a magnetic charge to power 4 COB LED’s with no problem. I will tell you as soon as I get some to test it but I aready know the results as I have lit the equivalent in loose bulbs. Mind you I burnt out 50 LED’s at once with less than a 10 mA input on the same hook-up but I found a better way to operate them ( TOP SECRET ), I may or may-not tell you how to do it, well after I have proven my point. I will put it this way NO ONE has ever though or  constructs a coil like this and it even impressed me. My three LED’s test jig gave me 3 volts @ 200 uA. That was a 20 mA. input at 6 volts But that does not tell the whole story as you can see from this chart:

Wave length plays a big role in output that is why I said that it takes a 500 lm 3000k – 3500k color temp as well as a 500 lm 6000k – 6500k color temp so that it would cover 400 – 700 nm and power the cells at 95 % efficiency with the proper bulb as that does matter as well for the COB LED’s store a photonic charge to fill in between the times the light is off, remember that silicon operates at the speed of light so to speak and that is why you only get 299 uA and not 50 mA  look at the following chart.

We can see that current is constant with the light source that is why the current is low so by adjusting the pulse width and using lights that hold a photonic charge you will get more Amps, see if you hook the same LED’s to a battery your current would be greater on the LED as well as the output of the solar cells. So that is the theory behind the XenoPowerCell the first production model will be 8 – 9 watts  24/7 a day with a built in flashlight for about $200.00 US.

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