Photonic transfer results

I was conducting lighting a solar cell with a single LED at 90% brightness and came up with the following results:

  • 6 volt .5 Watt (80mA) rated on package  Catalog #: 2770046 ( Radio Shack )
  • in direct sunlight the solar panel reads 6.5 volts @ 50mA
  • with three LED in series 25 degree angle 6000k-6500k light temp at 2.95 lumens ( 20000 mcd ) 12.8 volts 430 uA current draw.
  • 2.5 volts @ 250 uA output with the LED on.
  • shielded solar panel with a 0 volt 0 A output with LED off .

Now I know that with increased lumens of X 100 from prior test I have written gthat it is possible to increase the parallel LED strings in this case we use COB LED’s it should run 5 lamps for a total 350 lumens each X 5 we get 1750 total lumens and that it is possible to get 95% of the rated voltage @ 10% of the rated current BUT with COB LED’s they use a phosphorous material to encase the LED’s thus filling in the blank spots and with a 48 LED panel produces 340 – 390 lumens  thus current should go up to 80  – 90% of rated output and remember that I live by the southern coast of the U.S. it would be about 100% of the northern part of the world’s  solar panel output 24 hours a day.

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