Where the electrons grow

I have been working on the lightsaver  for over 2 years and until recently I could only wonder where the extra electrons came from ( current flow to the LED’s ). Admittedly the LED’s are only on about 1/100 of the time even though they appear to be lit  all of the time, But even then they still need more than 50 uA to operate, so how are they lit ? Well I have found that if you turn off the LED ( disconnect the resistor ) the current flow will slowly go down and then reverse direction I.E. charge the source supply. I have found that it can go from 4.2 uA  to 2 mA and without an oscilloscope it is impossible for me to know what is going on. These are all measurements that were taken with 3 different meters with roughly the same measurement so I know the circuit is still active and functioning as you can just touch the disconnected lead of the resistor and the LED will light so where do the electrons  come from.


This is the latest circuit I am using and please note the copyright that does not allow commercial use without written consent.  With all of that aside let us talk about what you could use such a circuit for well with my limited mind I am leaning towards a XenoPowerCell as it would run 24/7 without fail. Look at earlier post to find out about running 200 led’s from 2 mA and use a 4 watt COB LED ( 48 LED grid ) over a solar cell ( equivalent to a 40 watt incandescence light bulb ) where COB LED’s have a phosphorescent cover ( see 12- 18 months ago where I said that is what I needed ) as to store photons to be released between strobes from the driver coil. Thus we have more output from the solar cell than we input creating an over-unity device that makes scenes and is easy replicate. Just remember that any one who wishes to construct this for commercial use must talk to me first xenophed ( Dean A. Plude ).

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