Lightsaver Flashlight update 0.6d

I have updated the driver circuit to double output luminance so the current draw went up to about 125 – 175 uA  or about 6 months continuous run of 3767 hours non stop. With Alkaline Long-life AAA  has 1.150 Amps with a draw of 150 uA  would give us 7667 hours or 320 days of non stop service . With AA that would be 14147 hours or 590 days of non stop service, C cells 52000 hours of 2167 days or 6 years non stop use always on, D cells would be over 12 years of service 4722 days or 113333 hours continuous operation .

Now let us put this  in perspective a light lit the way they are suppose to draws 20 mA  so with a 9 v battery you would get 28 hours or 1 day use, AAA you get 57 hours or 2 1/2 days  use and with AA 106 hours or 4 1/2 days, C cells 390 hours or 16 days  and D cells 850 hours or 35 days.

Battery maker beware because the world is about to change !


battery power see

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