I have had some interesting things occur today ( day 9 of the flashlight ). The flashlight  9 volt battery had 8.32 volts charge in it today I measured it and had 8.6 volt charge. Pretty good if I say so myself. I had noticed that if I leave the lightsaver connected overnight the lead acid battery I use would gain voltage ( noticeable gain of .8 – 1 volt ). Although I am not able to prove why ( no scope to see ). Also I connected two circuits to the same source to see if I could get a rise on the meter set in 0 uA mode but alas no luck, it still will not read any current. As a side note the better the core the more stable the circuit will be and very important you must use 100 volt or higher ceramic disk capacitors .  I also used a npn transistor just flipped the supply polarity.


The flashlight is still going strong after 220 hour of continuous operation that would make the current draw about 2.04 mAmps per hour in bright mode and the current will only go down not up as I expect that it should last over 600 more days before it dies. This could take awhile to happen is all I am going to say. ( I was previously calculating .565 watts for power and it should have been .565 amps, my bad but that only make the numbers look better so sorry guys for shortchanging the run time of the flashlight as now a 9 volt battery will last the shelf life of the battery )

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