Better results 10 year flashlight design

I have gotten much better results with the AM bar ferrite wound #24 ga. CW magnet wire then #24 ga. PVC coated CW. The magnet wire coil is the driver coil an the PVC coil is the output coil as well there is a revision to the circuit light-saver-version-.07a

This helps with brightness as well as stability but the coil can be set to 0 uA draw. The current draw set to  90% – 95% brightness  is 30 – 40 uA so that would give us 8 – 10.5 year battery life on 6 AA or 1.5  – 2.3 years on 9V battery ( that is an always on figure ) but there are many ways left to improve  mostly in luminance/current draw but with this new coil I get about 50% luminance at 0 uA draw.

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