Simple facts on efficiency

TV yoke 0.0 uA current draw 3 LEDs @ 12.5 VDC bifilar wound 2:1 visible light and with full luminescence 120 uA so that is ? watts low power do not have a good nano amp meter (tested with a  non flicker mode connected to Earth ground ), 1.5 mWatts (.0015 Watts ) full luminescence (normally .150 Watts or 100 X reduction in power calculated at 15 mA using DC feed ). I do note that I found a 4700 uf filter capacitor or greater is needed to achieve these results vs LaserHackers ? – 470 uF capacitor ( This is because of the reverse  voltage feed ) .

light-saver-version-.06b (1)

P.S. This is the final specs for this circuit version 0.6c 0 uA draw

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