What is right

If life teaches us one thing it is that things are never what they seem. Why would they be after all where as I choose to tell only truth others among us could not tell the truth to save their soul. It is their choice to do so just as it is my choice to only be truthful as I perceive events. It is not that I knowingly lie but am deceived by the other group. To combat this affliction we must strive to find the truth in things. Take the device I am currently working on, I know I have gotten over unity results from it and I know why it is not stable. I also know how to make it stable by using a stable signal.   There is however a more underling problem that affects us and that is the difference in beliefs that groups of people have. I freely choose to believe in Our Father in the Heavens and his son Jesus Christ because it is what I believe in. I do not ask others to believe this for it is my belief not their’s. I will say this however I do not go around killing people who do not believe in what I do. They however choose to execute people who believe as I do for it is their will to do so, the same will God gave me he gave to them but they choose to use it for evil not good as most people do. Let me give you an example of what I am saying:

I wake up early every day not having conflicts with anyone or cause harm to any person. I thank the Lord for another day and study what I can do to help people and the World as a whole. I do not drink or do drugs and know for a fact that people have taken more from me than I care to say. I let these thing happen to me and know there is a bigger plan in play. The man down the street from me does not believe as I do and drinks frequently ( every day as a matter of fact ). He would just a soon fight with someone  as work with them and his belief is to hell with others I want what is mine. He never helps anyone or does anything to help other. I however am happy and need no support from things where as he needs support from a lot of things and demands that you do for him. I can feel happy knowing where I will wind up in the end and as for him he thinks after this life you are done, you have no soul or nothing to hope for just what is here. Let us also look at people who believe that I am wrong and need to be killed for my beliefs. For them they are not looking at what it takes to make the World a better place. For them a better place is without people like me and by defaults that makes them my enemy and that make me sad for I wish harm to no one. Then again when pushed into a corner and have to choose I will cause their demise over mine.

 People often take a passive peaceful approach  to weakness and I am here to warn those people they try to harm my group I will harm them. I truly believe that peace, love, compaction are the ways to true World peace. When we keep others from looking at every thing people do for it is not right. A place where we look out for others not at them, a place where we  make peace with the Earth, not destroy it as some are doing now. Why is it so hard for these simple concepts to be understood by some? As I see things there are a few things that have me scratching my head like there would not be a signal hungry, poor, destitute person in the World if we stopped fighting each other and took those resources and used them for the above. If we got rid of the whole notion that we need wealth to see who is better for it is but a pipe dream. Every person on this World has a purpose and dream that they should be able to fulfill without any cause  to worry  for that is what is right.

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