M.I.S.T. Power cell version .2-a preview

The above circuit is the latest work I have been doing and involves high voltage feed through a spark gap  to on of the windings of the following coil.

It should be noted that the ground feeds up through the middle of the coil as well as the coil wires that connect to it. The coil T1.2 polarity are very important for operation. The Device Has A High Voltage Danger so use at your own risk. All I will say is that other devices constructed by russians operate in a similar manner. the high voltage dc  I derived with a flyback transformer out of a color CRT hooked up to a spark plug and Earth ground fed through the T1.1 winding. As the high voltage flows through the coil we regulate it with Q1 and T1.4. C1 + C3 decides the final output frequency of the device on the biflar coil winding T1.3.  This has been constructed and tested but but only as a test unit.

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