100 LED’s on 9 mA at 9 volts

I have tuned the output coil and can drive 100 LED’s at 9.2 mA. The tuning was done with the capacitor that hooks to the coil that attaches to the base of the transistor. I also will note that the LED’s hooked up one direction will increase current flow and the other will reduce current flow by about 2/3 current draw, the luminance remains constant. That would go back to the LED’s using the collapse of the field versus the build of the field. After you start the device  if tuned properly it no longer needs R1 as the cap does that job. As I said I used mostly parts from an old CRT TV ( I could have used it for all of them but the LED’s, I was just lazy ). The beauty of it is that the coil is super simple to make as most of the work is already done.  The thing is that we only use what is usually discarded by most circuits so the load matters not.

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