New Breakthrough

I just wound a new coil that produced the following results:

  • Input 12.4 volts DC ( car battery ) at 13 mA or  0.1625 watts in
  • Output through a bridge rectifier attached to a 200 volt 10uf capacitor with a 10K ohm resistor in parallel and get 80 volts across the resistor  ohms law 10000 / 80 = 8 mA X 80 volts DC = 0.64 watts out
  • Results out 0.64 watts – in 0.1625 watts = a gain of 0.4775  watts

I do believe that qualifies as overunity according to ohms law and simple math any person can do. I will take photos and video of the new transformer design using part anyone can scrap out of old crt’s to build just as I did and more so I will make a replication video of it.

That’s all for now



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