Increased output

Using the circuit and LED solar cell configuration I have found that it will produce 10% of the cells rated output. However there is much that can be done to improve this to about 40-50% using acrylic phosphorescent paint on the backdrop and 180 degree LED’s you can have significant increase in the output as well the higher the frequency the more the output of the device.

Here is the explanation of it the solar cell works at the speed of light as well ass the LED’s so we fool the eyes by only running the lights about 10% of the time to our eyes they think they are on all of the time this is not how we achieve over unity but the fact that we can keep attaching LED’s to the output circuit with little loss gives more out than in. We can then fool the solar cells into thinking the light are on all of the time by storing the light with the proper base coat. It is the same as is done for florescent lights which are only on part time. For lighting this would not be needed but for power it is but it would produce better light with it. I have noticed that people from Hong Kong and China are studying my research it would be sad to think that people in other parts of the world are not able to follow simple direction as the asians are. Am I the only one who learned how to read directions and follow through with them. Well enough with the rant I would be glad to see others replicate this and when they do I will remove the copyright from this work and only ask that I be credited with this invention.

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