Been gone a while

In the words of someone ripples never come back. In life the only thing we are certain of is the change around all the world. If we take a moment to look at the little waves all around us we would see that just as you throw a rock in a still pond it creates ripples from the center all the way to the shores.  That is the way we are all controlled in this reality as  they disturb the smooth peaceful way of all people with agitation  and chaos as their motto is “Order Out Of Chaos”  and if we stop to look at these “little ripples” and the truth we would find that they are different and to the end that is controlling people by continuing the same line or story line. As it all just an illusion or trick that s contrived by someone who wishes have the most whatever where in reality “whatever” means nothing for  real value is not something you can purchase or own. For it gains no one nothing if you own the world but lose you soul, your inner being that we all have as that is the guide for all who love and wish for peace something that can not be bought or sold

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