Over-unity achieved how-to







This print helps explain the light / solar cell ratio to get these puppies going on their own. My recommendation is 2/3 of rated output in volts vs. power consumed by the light saver circuit. The solar cells will supply their total current output even if their voltage is low see graph below.IV_engl2


As you see the current output of a standard solar cell remains constant regardless of voltage. What I have learned by tuning the supply current to the light saver circuit at C1 you can get about 80-90 % rated voltage with full current output so if you have a 2 X 9 volt @ 85ma you will get 1.1 watts out – our  supply current 35ma a .7 watt gain to the good and a .5 watt power consumption to drive the  circuit. Hence we achieve over unity of the circuit that is easily replicated by all. As a side note I have hooked up 200 20000mcd 5mm white LEDs to this circuit and saw no degradation on the output in brightness so I can see a world that has, wait for it……. power cells to operate everything.

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