If I disappoint everyone one in the World that is OK because their standards are but too high. If life deals me disappointment after disappointment it is because my standards were but too high. If I only please but one soul it would be Our Father in the Heavens as I do not ever want to disappoint him. You see it is the bar that you look for people to meet that is wrong not the people most times and if they reach not that bar then maybe you should look at where the bar was placed to begin with not the person whom met it not. If I say I love a person it is for them not what they could or may achieve in life. The truth be known life is not about accomplishments but our soul and how it perceives the people around us. Does your soul show how you would like the World to see you or are you ashamed of that person? I know that I can be happy with the person I am and need not a person to say so but if they do I would rather it was good as I try to be. My life is but a spec of dust on a beach as far as the eye can see and further, but I say unto you I will strive to be the best I can and love with my whole heart no matter what anyone said.

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