No power in, power out .25 watts per hour 24 hours a day (6 watts)

I have constructed a device that has zero watts in, and runs 90 LED’s  power out. This will revolutionize the power distribution industry around the world lights that use no power. With improvements could reach 20 watts per hour output giving 480 watts per day. I constructed mine out of discarded components. I used the light saver driver to operate the LEDs where I derive the power to operate it with a surplus power. Photos coming tomorrow with a video so please forgive the rough look of the device as is cost me ten dollars to make (the cost of the LED’s) but with about $25.00 cost per light in materials a professional model can be made to look proper. This is a zero point free energy system so let it be known throughout the World that on July,2,2014 Dean Allen Plude A.K.A. xenophed has made the current power system out of date. Sorry it took so long Dr. N. Tesla.

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1 Response to No power in, power out .25 watts per hour 24 hours a day (6 watts)

  1. I am very interested about this your Free Energy lantern. I am a hobbyist researcher also and made some lanterns using crystal cells. If it is your intention to ´open source´ this device, plase let me know at thomas.soares AT softwarelivre DOT org

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