Man Training

I do from time time time discus other things and today’s topic covers man training. I have noticed that today’s youth are becoming less than they deserve to be or can be and it is a disservice to all. What is we have gained to let every male in a population become more like woman than men as they should be. This is a very big downfall of our generation to let this happen and we must strike back.  So I have compiled a list of thing that every man should strive to be.

  1. A man will walk away from somethings but never run away from them. There is a difference between the two.
  2. A man will suffer ignorance and smile admitting a mistake.
  3. A  man will always look out for the other people in his life even to death if that is the choice he has.
  4. A man will always look to make the world a better place and do everything to stop it’s destruction of it.
  5. A man will look for good in all and fight the evil in all.
  6. A man will not surrender to anyone and pick up the ones who fall down.
  7. A man will show love to everyone who deserves it and peaceful will be his way.
  8. A man will do whatever it takes to achieve peace for his community and fight chaos.
  9. A man will live his life for the true love of his life protecting them at all cost
  10. A man will keep on going even to the last breath giving all of his energy to achieve the first things listed above.

I know that this is not a complete list but just a few ground rules to start with and if every “Man” in the world lived by just those the world would not have any trouble as it does now. Turn off the sports shows and internet porn, instead look to friends and family to fill those voids that the controllers have set in most peoples minds. May Our Father in the Heavens and his son Jesus Christ guide you daily.

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