Theory of Operation, Build Directions With Video

As we seen from the video the circuit does work. The values are achieved by testing different values  of components all having derived from the original MIST  power cell last December but ass I learned the original circuit was too unstable for production use so I came up with a new circuit.

Light-saver (1)

You people will note the copyright date being publish on or about  June 3, 2014 so any filling for patents is useless Prior Work  but trying to help the whole World I allow the construction for home or non profi not commercial operations or profit without written consent . So now that that is out of the way let us begin to build the Light Saver we start at the coil. Anything can be a core so do not let that be a road block I have used whatever I have lying around welding rods, am ferrite loop stick, or old torroid cores from discarded electronic components, CRT TV’s work real good lots of wire for the transformer!

The theory of operation is simple we place a charge in the core and let that charge feed back into the LED’s to light them. The more I learn the more you will learn so I did wind a new core used in this video where the lights are much brighter at lower current ( about 18 mA. ) and much brighter at 10 LED’s per string in the video 2 strings where I had 20 total LED’s.

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