More info to change the World we live in.


The above is a schematic for a new type of LED driver. It uses 80% less power than plain LED’s. By driving the LED’s with less power we can then take and have them power solar cells. The schematic gives coil winding directions as well as component values.


This is a rough layout of the light note the placement of the solar cells between the two LED light tubes as well as one over the cells. This device measures 24″ long X 12″ wide X 3.5″ height.

It will produce three things:

  1. Light
  2. Power
  3. Long life

Because there is no need of sun light it works 24 hours a day thus making current technology obsolete and reducing the power requirements of the world. I will release a video demonstration in about a week or so. May our Father in the Heavens and Jesus Christ guide you.

Peace and Love to all


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