Mercy on their souls

In life there are many ways to control and coerce people. Either through ignorance or submitting on their part. They both achieve the same results of ultimate control over the population. Once they have control over a group of individuals they can make them do whatever they choose. In the end you have to ask what gives them control, I mean the very items they have. Once you identify that thing you find a way around things, you can then replace it with something they do not control. With this lack of control or as I say freedom we can in  our lives thrive. Imagine a World where love, peace, and hope drive the people of this planet. Where all good deeds go rewarded by our Father in the Heavens for they are his wishes that we live at balance with this World. A place where the “Laws of Nature” are not to be broken or bypassed. It would be a grand place for us to be and I want to be there. I want my children and grandchildren to live in this place not where we are now. For all the chaos and misery that this World has now is made by pure evil in control.  Energy is the one and only hold they have over this planet but I say they have nothing that can not be replaced by bigger better idea’s in our lifetime. We, the baby boomers are the key to dismantle their web of delusion and lies by showing the truth that following nature and it’s laws we can and must find a better way to overcome their delusion.

Every life is but a compilation of events that it has been through and every person has their story to tell but what-if it were a story of hope and bonds with others and compaction to all and the total loss of fear and chaos that we all must endure for the moment for it is just that a moment and it will pass and our lives will be better and love will guide us and peace will be the result of it.  As for the evil doers in this world may god have mercy on their souls.

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