In our lives on this planet as we swirl around the universe every person has events that shape our lives. These events may seem at the moment to be unimportant and insignificant but as time passes we find they lead us in direction we would not have went. The person we bump into on the street that later we find to be one of our best friends. The dollar we hand to the starving person that show him and the World there is hope for humankind. All of these things and more make up all of the good we come to know in this little planet of ours. We must continue tobe this way and never let things other than our heart show us the proper way to live. Love, peace, and Our Father in the Heavens should be our guiding light and never let the shouting in our ears from the evil ones dictate the direction we go.

Zero tolerance is the stance we need to have for evil.  Every time we are confronted something wrong it is up to us to show the truth about life using facts that are indisputable to all. Left to them they would have you believe that our countries founding father are terrorist and anyone who follows the good book or the constitution is the enemy. This should be unacceptable to all with a brain and goodness in their heart. We are not the terrorist but to get a handle on this let us define what is a terrorist.


: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

— ter·ror·ist adjective or noun
1 : a state of intense fear
2 a : one that inspires fear : scourge
b : a frightening aspect
c : a cause of anxiety : worry
d : an appalling person or thing; especially : brat
3 : reign of terror
4 : violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands

With this definition we can see that the terrorist is not us but the ones ruling over us and this should be unacceptable.

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